I don't know what it is about nothingness that's so exhilirating for me. To know that there is nothing in sight - no Walmarts or hotels, or bad drivers causing rush hour. There's also nothing blocking my view. Nothing needlessly clouding my mind with its message to buy something, eat something, follow a street, etc. … Continue reading Nothing


The air is calming. You're with me, but also the people around me don't make me as anxious as they do everywhere else. Things are moving a bit fast than usual, but slower than usual in an all-too carefully crafted together atmosphere. The lights are dim, but not dark, it makes the colors stand out … Continue reading Savor

New Album

I haven't posted in quite a while, and the main reason is because I have switched focuses over to my music for a bit.  I have just finished a new EP which can be found here: I hope to do more writing soon, especially finishing the Library series!